Chocolate mousse

This recipe is curious. The use of olive oil instead of butter gives it a special silky texture. It also makes it vegan.

Chocolate mousse with olive oil

8 eggs, separated

200 ml. Virgin olive oil  (160 grs / ⅔ cup)

200 grams powdered sugar 

300 grams pure dark chocolate (70% cacao or more)

2 tbsps liqueur (cointreu, brandy, etc)

1 tsp vanilla

Beat 100 grs sugar with the eggs yolks till light in color and the sugar is dissolved.

Melt the chocolate with the olive oil. (I use the microwave)

Mix together the egg yolks and the chocolate. Add the liqueur and the vanilla.

Beat the egg whites with 100 grams of sugar to the point of merengue.

Fold a little of the egg white into the chocolate mixture and then fold that slowly into the egg whites.

Refrigerate till firm and cold.

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